Not the Teacher’s pet

By @Palealyssum

Not the Teacher’s pet

By @Palealyssum

A short scary story about a teacher’s dark past.

Chapter 1

My teacher, Mr. Frazier doesn’t like me.

He always ignores me when I raise my hand. He doesn’t like me, I just know it. He never chooses me for line leader. I don’t get in trouble either, he just pretends like I’m not there. All the other kids get his attention, but I’m like a ghost.

I know I’m not a ghost, my other teachers call on me and even tell me I’m doing good. Mr. Frazier is the only one who doesn’t like me. I make him afraid. When he spots me, his skin gets lighter and he looks sweaty. I don’t know why he hates me this much.

It could be because in 1977, he killed me when he was 12. Every time he sees me, he’s reminded what his group of friends did to me. So, now his body gets cold and pale like my body when they left me in the river after beating me with a metal bat after practice.

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