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Not So Lovely

By @bowties_r_cool

Part 1

There was no way that I would ever walk, but I had to get this off my chest. Even if it meant telling it to this shamus over here. “Ms. James, it would be most appreciated that you tell us everything that went on with the Sheldon Pierre and Blair Wedly. You have a lawyer present, now please, begin.” The officer gestures at me. I look to my lawyer for approval. She nods. Ok Juniper, deep breath.


Well, we met at the airport, about four years ago. I had flown into France for a job. I was just hired as a tech consultant at the Trousseau Hospital and so naturally I was rushing through the airport. You see, I was terrified that my cab would leave without me, and I had to get to work on time. I told the cab driver that I was just going to the bathroom but it turned into a snack stop. So there I was, flying down the hall, scarfing down a protein bar when I felt the wrapper drop from my sweaty hands. I absolutely detest people who just drop garbage, so I screeched to a stop right into this huge figure. My bag and all its contents spilled onto the floor. I began to frantically apologize as I picked up my things.

“I’m very sorry monsieur, I am in a rus-”

He interrupted, “It’s ok miss, I understand.”

I glanced up to see the most beautiful face looking at me. He had the most gorgeous caramel toned skin and deep chocolate eyes with hair to match. I was speechless.

“A-again, I am very sorry,” I stuttered out, still staring.

“It is quite alright miss. Now go, I do not wish for you to be late.”

He handed me my bags and walked off. I tore my eyes away and continued my mad rush for the cab.


The officer interrupts, “Please Ms. James, cut the babble and please skip to the part when he invites you into the plan.”

“Right, of course. So yeah,that dude was Sheldon. Turns out he was a hopeless romantic and had put his number in my bag, we dated for two years and then he proposed to me under the Eiffel Tower, which was very romantic if I might add.”

The officer coughs and gives me a look, “Ms. James, we do not have time for dating advice.”

“Alright. Oh, I have a question.”

“Yes?” The officer said wearily.

“Am I like a plant? Like a spy-ish person?”

The officer groans and stares at me. “No. Now continue.”


Well, about a month after we were engaged, he sat me down and said that he had to tell me something of utmost importance.

“Look, I’m just going to be blunt.”

I smiled gently, “Go ahead.”

“Its about my ex. About 6 years ago I was engaged to a Blair Wedly. She was amazing, but then we fell apart. Looking back it was such a stupid reason but it did happen, and honestly, it was inevitable.”

“That’s fine, everyone has at least one ex,” I said, patting his knee

“But she is different. After we broke up she was inconsolable. She would wait outside my apartment every evening when I got home from work, crying and wailing when I arrived. It was so bad that I had to move away. Even then she starting begging my mother to tell her my new address. I have not seen her in about two years, but yesterday she sent me this.”

He held out his phone to my face, and on it I could see his Instagram messages. Blair wrote, “sheldon, darling its been to long, i simply MUST see your face, 3pm, saturday at the tower? let me rephrase that, 3pm saturday, at the tower. it’s not a question. don’t be late, or someones heart will be broken,but this time it won’t be mine :)”

My eyes widened with each sentence I read, “She- wow, she’s insane.”

Sheldon nodded, “Yes my love, now I was thinking that this whole cat and mouse has gone on long enough. I am going to face her and end this once and for all, with your help of course.”

“You are completely right, the authorities need to be aware of her,” I nodded right back at him eagerly.

Those big chocolate eyes left mine as he glanced downwards, “ Yeah.. We’ll do that.”

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