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Northern Ladies Academy

By @MG

No More Water

That night Alana couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about how she was rude to Crystal when Crystal didn’t have her back. Alana finally fell asleep. The next morning Alana talked to Crystal about how she couldn’t sleep the night before. Crystal said that it was okay to think about stuff like that at night and she does it, too. So Alana felt better. The girls went to breakfast and everyone else’s hair was different ombre colors, too! Alana was really confused. “What happened to everyone?” Alana asked. “I don’t know.” Crystal said slowly. “Well, all of the regular, non magical water ran out and everyone’s hair is now ombre.” said Principal Isabella. “Oh. Has it ever run out before?” Crystal asked. “Well, no it has not. It has been close though.” Principal Isabella said. “What do you mean ‘It has been close’?” Alana asked. 

“Well, a few years before you two went into highschool there was a drought here and there was barely enough regular water. We had to evacuate the school. This time we didn’t realize there wasn’t enough water.” Principal Isabella said. “Ok. So, what you are saying is that there are two kinds of water, regular and magical, and when you run out of regular water the magical water turns on, right?” Alana clarified. “Yes, exactly. You girls can come back later after classes to talk about this if you want because you need to get to class.” Principal Isabella said. “Ok. Thank you, Principal Isabella.” Crystal said. Then they went to class.

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