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Northern Ladies Academy

By @MG


When the girls went to their first class Professor Maria was a little annoyed during her class because everyone was laughing at Alana’s hair the entire period. Then after that class Alana ran to her dorm room and Crystal ran after her. “Alana, wait!” “Just go away!!! Nobody likes my hair like you said you did! Do you even like my hair???” Alana said. “Of course I do, Alana. I think it looks beautiful.” Crystal replied. “You said you would back me up and you didn’t.” Alana said. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t… I don’t even know what to say other than I’m sorry.” Crystal said sorrily. “Just leave me alone!” Alana yelled. “Ok. I’ll be in Professor Orna’s class if you want me.” Crystal replied.

Alana didn’t go to class at all the rest of the day. Crystal went back to her dorm room and tried to talk to Alana, but Alana wouldn’t listen. “Alana. Listen to me.” Crystal pleaded. “Just go away, Crystal! I don’t want to talk!” Alana replied. “Fine.” Crystal said giving up. “I’ll see you later I guess.” Crystal said while leaving the room.

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