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Northern Ladies Academy

By @MG

Purple Hair

Two friends are in college and are roommates. They go to an all girls college called Northern Ladies Academy. The girls’ names are Crystal and Alana. They share a large dorm room at the college. Crystal is 18 years old and has dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Alana is 18 years old and has blonde ombre hair and dark brown eyes. They both have peach colored skin. They just graduated high school two months ago. They are best friends.

One morning when the girls were getting ready they found out that Alana’s hair changed colors when she took a shower. While she was in the shower she accidentally flipped a switch that made the water clear but had chemicals in it that made it a pastel rainbow ombre color.“Alana!!!” Crystal screamed. “What?” Alana asked, alarmed. “Your hair! It’s rainbow!” “What!?!?” Alana screamed. “Oh. This is actually pretty.” Alana said more calmly. “Well, come to think of it, it is very cool.” Crystal replied. “Well… I guess I have to go to school like this. I’m nervous I’m gonna get in trouble.” Alana said very worriedly. “You’ll be fine. I’ll back you up.” Crystal replied. “Thank you Crystal.” Alana said. 

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