By @PsychoMadwomen12046

The nightmares that come to me in the dead of the night.

Chapter 1

They shall crawl forth to me

The nightmares come late at night

They creep up on me

Like fog,

I scream and try to fight

But in the land of the dead it is no good,

Skeletons and demons rise from the graves

Their beady red eyes staring at me,

They begin to crawl forth to me

Wanting to taste my flesh,

I stood my ground

Knowing it’s the only thing I have left to do,

I suddenly feel something rise behind me

As I turn around

My blood turns to ice, running cold through my veins

The thing is covered in shadows,

And as it steps forward

I see it is the devil,

He moves forward

Grabbing me by the throat

Throwing me in the dark shadows

Where the demons and skeletons live,

As I give one last scream

My head is torn off

And I’m thrown back into reality.

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