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New friends

By @mayaisbetter234

Chapter 1

Virgil Anderson was a boy no one really knew. He didn’t really stand out, but he wasn’t a complete nobody, either. He always tried to stay in the shadows unless his ‘friends’ Janus and Remus would drag him around the school campus trying to make him steal some kids lunch money or something. Virgil didn’t know why he hung around the school’s biggest bullies. It could be because he didn’t have anyone else. Or it could be because he was afraid that if he left, his free pass out of getting bullied would disappear.

People showed their distaste for Virgil in less physical ways now that he hung around the two male’s. People decided he was weird at a young age when he would exclude himself from social activities and always hide during elementary school. And if a teacher forced him to read a passage out loud or come up to solve a problem, he would panic and run out of class. And since no one knew why he did this, they just decided to tease and bully him until they could break him.

In middle school, Janus and remus showed up out of nowhere and just adopted Virgil as their friend. It was nice at first, till the end of 8th grade and the two boys started to bully other kids like him in the school. They quickly rose to the top of the food chain and dragged Virgil with them. When Highschool started 3 new kids joined their grade and It caught Janus and Remus’s attention. They were the new target. Virgil hoped it would be like the others and they would soon grow bored of them. But it had been 2 years and they were still at it. Virgil felt bad for them, but it wasn’t like he could do anything to stop them. At least that’s what it felt like. 

“Oi! Virge! We have business to attend to!” Remus yelled from the end of the hallway. Virgil shrunk into his hoodie trying to hide from his ‘Friends’ as he turned and walked down the opposite hallway. Remus noticed the boy turn and walk away from them making him sigh in irritation,” When can we drop him? He isn’t as fun now that we are older. He was fun in middle school when we were using him to find out info about everyone in the school,” Remus whined, latching onto Janus’s neck,” Let go,” Janus growled. Remus retracted his arms as if he was getting burnt and followed behind the brunette male. The two boys walked to the theater room because they heard murmurs that the three boys were going to be in there hiding from them. Sure enough the three boys were sitting on the stage eating and making small talk. They noticed the two boys almost immediately and prepared for the beat down they were going to get. 

Virgil took the long way to the theater room which is where he had been going to hide for the past 4 years. He opened the backroom door and heard soft weeping and hushed voices talking. Virgil’s curiosity got in the way and he knew that it was a bad idea to see who it was but all Logic was thrown away at that moment. He peaked over the side of the stage and noticed 3 boys with bruises and one had a split lip. There was a blonde, Brunette, and a Black haired boy sitting on the stage just hugging each other. Virgil thought about going to see if they were okay when he realized it was the boys Janus and Remus were bullying. He tried to move away when he slipped over a rope that was conveniently there and fell forward onto the stage. He fell with a loud thump and heard a loud pop come from his shoulder before a searing pain went through his arm. 

He groaned and gripped onto the appendage as the blonde got up to see if he was okay,” Patton stop, Its that weird kid that hangs out with Janus and Remus,” Roman said grabbing onto Patton’s wrist,” He’s hurt Roman, We can’t just turn a blind eye. It won’t make us any different then anyone else in the school,” Patton said softly pulling away from the Brunette. Virgil said up and poked at his shoulder. It was obviously dislocated and would have to be put back into place. Patton sat down next to him and touched his arm making him flinch. Patton gave him a small smile to comfort Virgil before snapping it back into place, making the black haired boy bite down on his hand to muffle the scream that was about to come out. 

The three boys escorted Virgil to hospital even though Virgil insisted he would be fine. And much to Roman’s displeasure, They waited for him. Virgil walked out of the hospital room with a black cast and was about to leave when he noticed the 3 boys sitting in the waiting room,” Why are you still here?” He asked, making them look up at him,” You could have left an hour ago,” He muttered, putting his non-injured hand in his hoodie pocket,” Well I wanted to ask you something,” Patton said standing up,” Why do you hang out with those two? It’s obvious you aren’t happy,” Virgil just turned away and tried to leave. Patton caught his wrist and pulled him back,” I don’t know, I guess it’s because they are the only way I can avoid the other bullies of the school. They are the only ones who have ever been there. They weren’t always bullies. They used to be really nice, but now, I just. I just don’t know,” Virgil answered truthfully. Patton gave him a soft smile and then pulled him into a hug,” You have us now,” 

After that, Virgil had become a part of their little group. Which also meant he quit being Janus and Remus’s friend. And he couldn’t be happier. It took a while for Roman to accept Virgil since he hung out with the ‘enemy’ and Logan was pretty welcoming. Pattion always made sure that Virgil was comfortable and became like his second father. It was the first time since he had started school that he had felt like he belonged since he was happy.

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