Begin Again

By @Lizzi
Begin Again

Miranda journeys through life one step at a time. Except her steps are like walking on a mine field. One thing leads to another before she starts to completely lose her mind. Will she ever find a stable foot in the roller coaster they call life?

Chapter 3

Sunrise to hell

One Day After Michelle’s burial

Beep! Beep! Beep!

My pest alarm wakes me up from numb slumber. The sun hasn’t rose and even the birds are dead asleep. Normally, I would receive a good morning text from Michelle. We would video chat as I cooked breakfast for my heathens. But today, I was going to have to cook breakfast in a cold silence. I rolled onto my side to see Evan, fast asleep as he always was, and kissed him on the cheek.

There was nothing enthusiastic about me this morning. There was no upbeat indie music blasting in the kitchen, no funky good morning songs to sing to Zander, and there was no hot coffee to brighten my smile when the children woke up. I threw eggs into a hot pan and scrambled them with anger and frustration. I wasn’t ready to let her go.

I heard soft footsteps behind me and then long arms wrapped around me.

“Good morning,” Evan whispered into my ear.

He softly kissed my neck and suddenly every angry feeling I had dissolved from my heart. He reached to the side and flipped the radio on.

“The kids won’t get up if the music isn’t playing,” he said with a soft smile.

I watched as he set the table…

(Still a work in progress)

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