Never Too Far Gone

By @ShirleyLestrade

Never Too Far Gone

By @ShirleyLestrade

It is 1926, and Zarayna Bell is an English witch looking for a place begin anew. She arrives in New York City in early October, certain that here, she can live happily, away from the memories of her deceased lover.

Inspired by: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Chapter 1

A New Beginning

New York City was everything I had imagined it to be – loud, noisy, and full of life. The crowded streets were bordered by giant skyscrapers and filled with pedestrians and vehicles. It was a perfect place to be noticed, yet also a perfect place to go without being noticed. This was the place where I could find the fresh start for which I had searched for a year – I could feel it as soon as I stepped off the ship that had brought me here.

Will I be happy here? I wondered. Will I be able to forget? Questions intruded my mind as I went through customs, as they always did when I decided to go to a new place.

For the last eleven months, I had traveled in search of a place where I could be free from the memories of my dead lover, but no matter where I went, they wouldn’t leave me. In one place I might overhear someone mentioning Hogwarts, the wizarding school we had attended together. In another I might hear something about the Minister, which would remind me that he had once worked for the Ministry of Magic. Still another person might mention a certain beast, reminding me of his quest to find fantastic beasts, after which he would have written a manuscript about them had he not perished just before leaving. No matter where I went, I could not escape him. Perhaps here in America I would finally be able to renounce all affiliations with magic and start anew, living as a Muggle in a Muggle world.

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