Nevada Road Trip

By @milesrainofficial

Nevada Road Trip

By @milesrainofficial

A road trip that my friends and I going to do this summer! I talked about every major plan in this writing!

Chapter 1

Nevada Road Trip

This summer, my friends and I are planning to go on a road trip. I jokingly said “We should go to Reno this summer!” while we were playing video games. Ever since then, it has turned into a reality and we have been planning it out for the past few weeks. 

I also jokingly said “We should buy a Volvo for the trip!” because I heard a Volvo ad on Spotify. Now you can guess what we are buying… We all plan to get jobs in the next few months to save up for the car. Then we will have to have extra money left over for the trip itself. We are still working on calculating the cost of everything. After getting all that stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the destinations. 

First of all, I live by Minneapolis, MN. My friend “Sean” lives in Grand Marais, MN and my friend “Tighe” lives in Winona, MN. I will pick up Sean first and then I will pick up Tighe. 

Then we will start heading towards Chicago. Once we are in Chicago, we will explore the city for a little bit and get moving again. We can’t spend too much time in each destination. Our sleeping situation has still not been fully figured out yet, but my idea is to set up hammocks in random places. After that we will start heading towards Atlanta. On the way we will pass cities like; Indianapolis and Nashville, but nobody cares about those cities. In Atlanta we will just do the same as we did in Chicago. Next stop, Miami, FL. We have an online friend named “Josiah” that lives in Miami and we will hang out with him and then leave. Then we will just have to power through the south because there aren’t many things on the way. Passing through Houston and Austin will be sort of cool though. Albuquerque is the next destination so we can visit the “Walter White house” from Breaking Bad. I don’t know much about Phoenix but I think it would be cool to visit. Los Angeles is definitely the most anticipated place and we will probably spend a couple days there. We still haven’t decided between Las Vegas and San Francisco. We want to go to both, but that would be really out of the way if Reno is the main destination. I think I would rather go to Las Vegas on the way. The desert is definitely my favourite part of the United States! We have no idea what we will do in Reno yet, but I think it sounds like a funny idea. 

So we haven’t fully planned out our way back but I think Oregon, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, and back to Minnesota seems like a simple idea. 

Anyway, we hope it works out because it sounds very fun. It would be the time of our lives. Living without risk is boring. If something goes wrong it just adds to the experience. When I die when I am older, I don’t want regret not doing things like this…

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