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Nature at its finest

By @Blackrose


The blooming of the flowers awaken my senses, making them as sensitive as ever. i should not be here. That is one thing I know, I should not be here.

I should not be here, rolling around in the grass as the prickles poisoned my skin with bumps. I should not be here smelling the sweet aroma of flowers as the petals caressed my cheeks grazing them with scars. I should not be here breathing in the fresh air of nature as the more i breath in the less i could breathe out, heaving and spewing. I should not be here in nature.

I’m allergic.

Yet here I am. Crawling, running, trying to scream and shout at the top of my lungs.


I want it all to end. This never ending question of: does flowers really smell nice? How does grass really feel between my fingers? Is nature really a breath of fresh air? I have found my answers… At a cost.

Scratching, blurry vision, swollen eyes.

What is the difference, pollution suffocates me anyways, I breath what smokers blow into my face, clouds of dust choke me when the wind is vile and harsh.

I can’t breath, help me! I can’t breath!

I just hate not being able to experience things that a normal person should.

Help me I can’t…

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