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The Summer of Hope

By @Glitter_Girl08

Chapter 7

“Abigail!!” I ran to hug one of my couches. 

“Nomi!! I didn’t know you came back!” She said hugging me back. 

“Ayala’s here too.” I explained the rest, and ran to the lockerroom to change. Trevor and Steph were waiting outside. 

“Ugh. Did you hear? Noa’s back. So is Avia.” I heard one of the girls whisper to another that was probably her twin, while they put on their matching black and pink leos. 

“You guys. Sara broke her leg. Now I’m definitely going to get gold for state championships.” Another girl bragged. 

“I’m ready!” Nava said and walked out of the bathroom, wearing a blue leo with silver swirls. 

“Same,” Maya said, taking off her navy sweatshirt to reveal a purple leo with the words, Eat Sleep Flip Repeat, in glitter. I changed into my long sleeved blue and white leo. The three of us walked out, and found their team. 

“Nomi!!” Their coach, Ariel, called when she saw me. 

“Wow. You’re famous here!” Steph whispered to me, and I smiled, nodding. I was finally home. 

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