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My way of revenge

By @LEO437

You know the fun thing which I did as a child was the people who I hated (mostly because they were kind of bullies) I did not say anything to them unless they were troubling some kid in front of me. I did not fight with them or anything to show my anger to them. WHat I did was that I wrote some kind story in which that person had a bad ending and well whenever I saw that person I would remember the story

and feel happy. So yesterday I was going through some old books and found a story I had written when I was in 4th of one such bully in my class.

There was once a boy named Abhijith and he was born in a rich house. His parents had sent him to a good school, but he hated to study. So one day Abhijith had an idea. There was a boy named Gaurav there.

He was smart but was poor so could not go to school. Abhijith went to him and said, listen you go to school give my exams instead of me. In return of that I shall give you loads of money, books to study. Gaurav agreed. He gave his exams, his 10th 12th and the entrance exam to college and even his college exams. Abhijith in the end got a degree from a very good university with his name. Then he started looking for a job. Initially wherever he went he would get a job but was thrown out because he could not do simple problems. On the other hand Gaurav did not have a degree, but had knowledge he used it to get a job initially and when he got enough money he started a huge business and in the end was very happy.

I know this story sounds very childish and all but I hated only one person in that class and had dedicated a special story to him and enjoyed remembering it till i was in that school. The story sure sends sounds silly after reading it now with a lot of flaws, but it was the first story I had written is quite close to me.

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