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My Time

By @Blackrose

Wrapped in her

Swallowed up, nothing else matters but this moment. Looking back things could of been different if he had thought of the consequences. It was a fleeting moment, but he thought… just a for a second he could change everything that happen in the last… in the few…. in the past years they had been together. Maybe once again they could go to the beginning and be happy just like they were when they first met, when time did not matter, they could get lost into it, were one hour felt like one minuet, where they did not want ot let go, the had the cliché moment of “Where did the time go”.

He didn’t think about the fact that anything can happen, that time was always deceitful, he thought that time was playing a teasing game with them, making every second they spend together feel like it was over too soo, so they would laugh about and go back to saying “I’ll see you soon!. What went wrong?! He never thought that time was evil, and the shorter the time together felt showed the less time they had together. the slow ticking showed how her heart beat no longer sped for him when she saw him or the fact, that she no longer felt that time was getting shorter but longer and she was drowning in hours, feeling suffocation around him.

she left him, drowning in her whilst he was still wrapped around holding onto her, asking her to help him up, to help him breathe. She just watched him…

Watched him drown.

Wrapped around her.

As he feel, his mind.. He couldn’t help but think about how he could of made things better, what he did wrong.

The answer is nothing but be blinded by the time they spent together, the times he made her laugh, the time they planned to go everywhere together. never realising the time she stopped loving him. He no longer felt secure, yet he wouldn’t let go of her. He kept holding on, kept struggling. Maybe, Maybe he did know that she longer felt the shortness but he wanted to believe in the lie, that she still loved him.

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