The Ghost within the Ink

By @Tweet_Chloe
The Ghost within the Ink

What if ink goes deeper then the skin? What if it seeps into your soul? What if there is something within the ink? And what if you lose control? This is the story of Sylvia, born into a family with deep, dark secrets. A family she always felt a loyalty to, but on one night, under the full moon everything changed. (A short story)

Chapter 1

The day rolled out and the raven night sky awoke. It was time for me to become what my family calls a Haunted. I always wanted to become a haunted, to get a tattoo, something about having a spirit trapped within your skin has always intrigued me. All of my family are very powerful people in London, they always seem to get a powerful spirit tapped within them. I always wanted to become a haunted from the moment I saw my older brother, Cornelius, get his tattoo done. I will never forget what happened. A thick smoke of shadows swallowed him up and he emerged like a phoenix from the ashes of a dying fire. He was a whole new person, he had a smile as bright as day and the eyes of a wise old man. Cornelius is now a power-driven young man, and I rarely see him anymore. 

The clock hit midnight, it was time. It was time to get my tattoo! As I walked down the dark corridor of the house, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, something wasn’t right, and I felt a cold shiver creep over me. I carried on walking, jogging, running until I was face to face with the door leading into the hall where I would become a Haunted. My hands where shaking as I touched the door handle, but I didn’t need to turn it, the door was slightly opened. I walked forward, heart hammering in my chest. The room had a freezing touch about it, an unwelcoming feeling. Had it felt like this before? How could I not notice? A whirl wind of thoughts came tumbling through my head. As I stood frozen in the room, an ice-cold hand came across my shoulder, I jumped to the sudden figure that appeared by my side, but I didn’t scream! The figure was tall and had snow-white skin and raven black hair, he wore an inky suit and glossy black shoes. ‘Cornelius.’ I breathed, having no other words for the sudden appearance of my brother.  He looked at me and smiled. ‘It’s good to see you again, Sylvia.’ He spoke in a husked voice, it ran shivers down my spine. ‘Are you ready for this big night?’ I nodded, as I slowly backed away from my brother. His smile wasn’t bight as the day but now was crooked and dark, his eyes where no longer wise, they looked tired and drained. ‘What happened to you brother?’ I spoke in a whisper, backing further away from him as he walked towards me.  

‘What do you mean? I am the brother you have always see.’ He stopped, the moonlight cascading across his face. ‘Unless you now see me in a different light? Which I hope isn’t true.’ He reached for my hand, I recoiled as he touch my palm, his hand was like solid ice, rigid and cold. My heart was in my month, and as he grabbed hold of my arm he dragged me towards the swirling smoke that was slowly seeping across the room.  I hit his arm to make him let go but no use, his gripped was too strong to fight, he threw me in. 

Darkness swirled around me, no longer want to become like him, or my family, so cold that you’re numb to everything. Is that what it feels like, to get your tattoo? To feel nothing at all? To have no love or light within you anymore? I kept falling, twisting and turning through this ongoing darkness. I have wanted this for so long, but now it was becoming real, and the reality was dark and terrifying. 

Then came the pain, the numbing pain in my arm. I looked down, the tattoo was slowly forming on my arm, I scratched at it, but the ink was already under my skin. The tattoo started moving and twisting, the black smoke stopped swirling, and nothing seemed to happen… But then I heard a voice.  

‘You can reach great potential!’ It hissed, and as I looked down I saw my tattoo becoming a snake, that slowly moved up and down my arm. 

‘I don’t want you!’ I cried holding my arm. ‘Leave me alone!’ 

I fell against the floor of the room; my mother rushed over to me while Cornelius bared his dead smile. 

‘Oh, my Sylvia, my sweet, sweet Sylvia what did he do to you?’ She hugged me as I sat shaking on the floor. 

‘Mother I don’t want to be a Haunted, I don’t want some demon under my skin…’ I sobbed as tears ran down my face. ‘I don’t want this!’ 

The room didn’t feel cold anymore and the moon wasn’t peeking through the curtains, instead they were thrown open letting warm sun-light flood the room.  ‘Sylvia.’ My mother soothed, holding my head up with her hands. ‘You have no tattoo.’ As soon as the words left her mouth I looked down to where the twisting snake had been, but now there were only three pink scratch marks. ‘I don’t understand?’ I said looking confused, ‘I had one, it was a snake, an evil, horrible snake!’ Then the room fell away, everything just faded away. 

I awoke to my alarm. The world was a fuzz of dark shadows soon my eyes came into focus. I lay in my bed in my dark room, the only light was from the street light outside. I need to get up, to get the thought of the dream out of my head. I opened my door, it was the same hallway as in my dream, the same eerie coldness.  I looked in the hallway mirror, did I see the snake! I looked down to my arm, but it wasn’t there! I looked to the mirror again, now I didn’t have a reflection at all. I felt sick to my very core. 

Was the reality of that world now twisted within my own?  

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