Leah and the History paper

By @esantos53_ILoveBooks
Leah and the History paper

This short story is about a young girl named Leah who is a time-traveler, and wants to write about a new year she and her friend Miles hasn't gone to. This action-packed story will leave you on the edge of your seats so grab a snack and enjoy.

Chapter 1

My time-travel adventure

I crouch behind a car, trying not to make a sound so that the guard doesn’t find us. “We need to go home right now.” Miles whispered. “What why? This is so fun.” I whisper back. “The time-travel magic is wearing off.” “I guess it is getting late anyways let’s go.” I hold the button inside the clock that hangs on my necklace. When we get back I say goodbye and go home. I go inside and pet Oreo’s soft furry white and black coat. I run upstairs to my room and hop in bed. In the morning I take a shower, eat cereal, and pack my lunch for school. “Leah the buss is here, bye have a great day!” My dad shouted. “Bye dad.” At school I see Miles and his friend Tony in there football outfits. “Hey Leah let’s head to history class together!” Miles shouts. “Okay.”

We enter the classroom filled with people shouting and throwing paper airplanes. “Everyone settle down! Get your notebooks out and brainstorm what year your going to write about for your major project due on Wednesday.” Mr. Smith said. I took my notebook out of my backpack and grabbed a pencil. I had so many years I want to write about but, I want to write about a new one I haven’t seen yet. “Leah what are you writing about?” Miles whispered. “I don’t know I want to write about a new one that we haven’t seen before.” I say. “Then let’s go time-travel after school!” Miles shouted excitedly. “Shh!” I whispered. “Oh sorry.” Miles whispered back.

After school I rode my bike home and waited for Miles to show up at my house. “Leah your friend is here.” My mom shouted from downstairs. “Tell him to come upstairs, please.” Miles and I pressed the button, off we went to seek adventure. I heard galloping horses and loud men drinking beer. “Young girl you lost?” A girl that looks a year or two older than me said. “Yes what year is it?” I grab my necklace from the ground and put it in my pocket. “It is the year 1905 why must you know?” “I am from a different y..” “She is from the dessert and lost her memory.” Miles said. He grabbed my hand and helped me up. “I can show you around if you want?” “Thanks, my name is Leah by the way.” I said. “My name is Cora Baker, follow me!” We followed Cora through the small town and through the forest. “I am so sorry I think we are lost.” Cora said. “It’s not your fault.” Miles said. “It’s Leah’s fault she wanted to follow you and now we are lost!” “Are you kidding me I did this so we can have ideas for our paper, but I guess you think I brought you hear so you can make me frustrated!” I yelled and started to cry in frustration. “I think we should go right so follow me.” “No let’s just go left.” I said. “Fine it’ll be better if we split up Cora can go with you since you want to follow her.” Miles said and left.

* * *

While Cora and I were walking I spotted a creek and I sat down and began to write about the canoes and the indians. I was right all along! I can’t believe Miles was calling me stupid for being right to come here in the first place. “Woah you write so much than I do!” Cora said. “How do you write so much in only ten minutes?” “I love to write so I guess I learned how myself but, we should go and see more things to write about.” I say excitedly. I follow Cora to a antique shop ahead. After I wrote we got a snack and went back to the forest. “Hey look there’s a cave.” “I don’t think we should go in there, there could be a bear or something else dangerous.” I say.

“Don’t worry I go there all the time to study and play tag with my friends.” Cora said. “Okay as long as it’s safe.” We enter the dark eerie cave hoping to see nothing inside. I heard snoring inside so I told Cora to not make a noise. *CRUNCH* “oh no.” I said as Cora realized she stepped on a tree branch. The huge brown grizzly bear came running towards us. “Cora run!” I shouted. I ran and ran as far as I could to get out of the bear’s sight. “Help us please anyone!” Cora screamed on the top of her lungs.

* * *

“Cora?” Miles said. “Yes it’s me!” “What happened to you? And where is Leah?” “I swear she was behind me. W- We got attacked by a bear and I came running to find help.” Cora said. “Go home it’s down that hill.” “What about Leah?” “I am going to find her don’t worry about me, go!” Miles said. Why can’t I remember anything? I must have got knocked out where is Cora and Miles? And what are we doing here? “Cora, Miles where are you guys?” I started to look around and I found out I was in a cave, but how did I get here in the first place? I found a few rocks and made a fire. ” I- Is that a bear?” I whisper to myself. I guess I am sleeping here tonight and in the morning i’ll find my way home.

In the morning the bear was gone it didn’t eat me thank goodness. I walked out of the cave and found the bear dead a hunter must have been around. I can’t believe I ended up in a cave knocked out in the middle of nowhere. I am just glad the time-travel magic is not wearing off. My mother must be mad, worried, and calling the cops right now. I sat on a rock by a small stream to wash my face. I got bored so I wrote about the cute birds and frogs I saw. The worst part of being lost in the wilderness is the mosquito bites and catching or huntting your own breakfast. I took some string from my dress and made it into the string part of a fishing-hook. Later I grabbed a sharp stick and tyed it to the string. A leech crawled on my leg so I grabbed it and stabbed it with the stick to use as bait.

* * *

“Leah where are you?” Miles shouted. I heard something that sounded like a young boy. His scream was getting louder and louder until I could finally hear him. “Leah!” Miles shouted once again. “Miles I am so glad to see you.” I said as I hugged him. “I-um thought you were dead. Cora said you guys where chased by a bear.” “I don’t remember that, I got knocked out. But I remember a brown fuzzy thing – the bear took me to a cave.” “The only thing that matters is your safe i’m sorry I had such a bad idea to split up.” Miles said. “It was pretty dumb and I’m sorry for being a jerk and not listening to you.” I say. “We need to go home and turn in the paper.” Miles said. “Okay let’s go.” We turned in the paper and each got a 95.

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