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My Roommate Incubus

By @Mistress-Rose

Here's Okusan!~


Okusan sat up, breathing heavily, dripping in sweat, her legs pressed together tightly, and her voice shaky. She turned over to her alarm clock, and tapped the top of it, silencing the loud, stressful beeping. She cleared her throat and collected herself, relaxing her legs and laying back down on her pale, pink sheets. Okusan rolled over to lay on her stomach, reaching to grab her phone off her wooden nightstand. “Mm, only 9:00..” staring at the time, she opened her messages. Surely enough, she had at least twenty one texts and emails from her friend, Koneko. Okusan grumbled and read the girls texts. They were all about recent ‘ghost sightings’ and ‘Urban Legends’. Okusan knew Koneko was into these kind of things, horror and mysterious theories. Koneko had been Okusans friend since grade school, but now they were in college. Okusan sometimes wondered if her dearest friend just liked to scare her with all these ghost stories. Okusan had grown tired of hearing them- literally. Sometimes they were so spooky that she couldn’t sleep. Although Koneko was like this, Okusan still loved her. It was like they were sisters- long distance sisters.

Okusan had to admit, life was pretty hard. She lived in an old, rickety apartment. She had no money, and was still attending college. The only meal she would basically eat was ramen, the cheap ones she could order online. It was pretty depressing, she sometimes got head aches due to all the sodium that she was consuming. She didn’t have much help from her family, considering that she wasn’t a big fan of them. Koneko was sort of poor too, she lived with someone though, her boyfriend. Okusan was always sort of jealous of her boyfriend, she wanted to spend time with Koneko like that too, but she just accepted the truth.

Okusan decided after a couple minutes it was time to get up and out. She head to the bathroom, and brushed her teeth, her eyes still sleepy looking. She took a hairbrush off the shelf positioned under the mirror and slowly brushed her shoulder length, black hair. Her bangs covered almost half of her eyes, so Okusan usually was forced to pin it up with hair clips, then put the rest in a high ponytail. She put on some new clothes, changing out of her pajamas. She had the body shape of a model, but she hid it. She had nice thighs, a nice bust size and a nice face shape. Again, she was very self conscientious, so she usually hid it. She threw on a large hoodie, some jean shorts and knee high boots that she has had for a while. Grabbing her keys and bag, she opened the door to the bright sun, and walked down the steps to the parking lot. It was time to start a new day. Again…

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  1. Kakutaro Bamboo

    May 5, 2022

    I’ve made the first chapter to my Roommate Incubus story! So, please check it out maybe? I’m probably going to write two of my stories here! So I hope you like them!!!
    -Mistress Rose

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    0 Replies May 5, 2022
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