My Revenge

By @ColorfulAlpaca
My Revenge

My Revenge is about a girl - Carlie- who writes letters to her former best friend. Her former soul-sister, her formal other half about a matter that shouldn't exist, much less be discussed. Things that have to be written, that physically can't be said face-to-face, because Carlie isn't exactly... capable of speaking anymore. Not after Eve's... mistakes?

Chapter 1

“Dear” Eve,

Hi. I’m really sorry if you have to read this, if you’ve… unluckily stumbled upon this letter. As you can see, the letter is intended for Eve. I’m sorry unless you’re the person this letter is meant for. Hello, Eve. I may not be around anymore, ever again, but I was “lucky” enough to remember, have a mind, memories of what you did to me, to my family. My little sister no longer has someone to look up to, our older brother certainly won’t be helpful. He’s gone. Who knows where. Our other older sister, the oldest, out of all of us, is at college. She’s going to come home, when she gets word of what you did to me. She’s going to pause her life, race home, and be an older sister again, the older sister I was meant to be for Maria. I don’t understand, either. Why you would do that? Hurt me, in such a horrible, gruesome way. If you’re NOT Eve Lucia, please, for your safety, stop reading.

I warned you.

Eve, you… you did something so… incredibly horrific. I’m amazed, in a way. Amazed how you were able to pull it off, that is. Not amazed in a good way, just so you know. You’re probably the first seventh grade girl who murdered her best friend.

That’s right, I remember. I remember, and I want revenge.

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