My Orchid

By @KillingSunshine
My Orchid

A rare, appreciative love. Would you be idealistic or realistic? Could you love someone enough to let them go?

Chapter 1

A Poem

I know not who you are.

Exotic flowers bloom in lonesome places.

One delicate as yourself

Should be for years.

There is not but one thing I know:

You are beautiful.

The most beautiful flowers

Daily are picked,

But here

I find you,

In tact and attached,

A vision suitable only for gods.

You could be lain

Behind the ear of a goddess,

And you could be admired by all.

Why is it that you are only here?

I wish to pick you, to take you with me.

I could be your goddess;

I could show you to all.

At what price?

Detachment is the death of you.

Another would keep you without thought.

I refuse to slay you.

So here I will leave you,

Hard as it may be,

But you may rest peacefully

And know that I will return.

I will come daily to admire you,

My beautiful orchid,

And you will be,

For years,

My happiness.

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