My Introduction

By @horrormoviesrock

My Introduction

By @horrormoviesrock

This is my first story, a metaphorical non-rhyming poem, and an introduction of myself to GetUnderlined. This will be my first of many stories, most of which will be horror stories. I hope you all appreciate my stories.

Chapter 1

Tenfigm was dead.

He had died on February 1, 2018.

All his stories, the millions and millions he created

Were lost.

His neighbor was disappointed to see him go.

He lost hope.

Tenfigm had had an email account.

The neighbor blocked him from emails.

He had been working on a story.

He wanted to show it to Tenfigm.

He threw it in the fireplace.

Now, it was too late.

But not all hope was lost.

The rest happened one month later.

The neighbor met a man

Who moved into Tenfigm’s house,

Whom he had previously despised.

He got to know the man.

He retyped his story

And showed it to the man.

The man appreciated it.

The neighbor made a new friend.

All hope is never lost.

Whenever you break down

And lose hope,

Never give up.

Always try.

Your future is waiting.

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