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My Infinite Sadness

By @Robear1021

I am thrown in,

Into an abyss,

Into a pit of darkness,

I’m bonded, hands and feet,

I fall and keep falling,

Is there no end?

Random things keep appearing as I fall,

So I close my eyes,

As I descend through this never ending vortex

I wonder if it will end,

The darkness starts to engulf me,

How far will I drop?

I fall fast and fall faster,

Trying to catch my breath,

I begin to drown,

Not being able to move,

Not being able to save myself,

Someone save me,

Save me, anybody,

I am drowning,

In my tears of sorrow,

In this ebony imprisonment,

Plunging further into the blackness

I see my life,

To be in love with love,

Love won’t happen,

No, not again,

Not now not ever,

I am bonded in obscurity,

Sadness is a luxury,

A luxury I can’t afford,

This emptiness inside,

Filling and killing me,

Let there be an end,

An end to my sorrow,

Then it happens,

The crash,

The bang,

The bottom,

I hurt,

I cry,

Please let me die,

Haven’t I suffered enough?

A pile of bones,

Of a broken body,

Of a tormented soul,

I have become,

I slowly drift off,

I start wonder what will happen,

Doesn’t matter now,

I close my eyes,

I start to slip,

I am leaving,

Melancholy eats away,

Away at my soul,

Like a cancer

And no one will know,

No one will care,

No one ever did,

I begin to pass,

I feel content,

The end is near,

Yet still I am sad,

Nobody saved me

No one was there,

So, I will die alone,

Not in her gentle caressing arms,

Now only in the darkness 

Which will cover me

Robert A Lopez


Aug. 21, 2005

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