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My Head Ache of Despair

By @Stargazer1

The day was a crisp golden yellow as the sun filled my room. A smile crept across my face as I greeted the new morning. I woke up feeling calm and refreshed, yet something told me that today was not like others. If you asked me what that feeling was I would say that it was a precarious maroon sensation. Nothing I have ever felt before. However, the day was young and slowly ageing and I wanted to spend it to its fullest. Like any five-year-old I jumped out of bed with a great start and raced to the closet. Anyone back then, who actually got to know me, already knew that my favorite outfit to wear was a soft cloud white dress which was instantly my top choice.

           Upon getting ready I heard a clinking of dishes and a wafting smell of a German pancake entering through the crakes of my door. My stomach rumbled loudly which in my opinion could even give the sound of thunder a run for its money. At that moment I couldn’t wait and bounded through the door with the same morning smile still clinging to my face.

           When I reached the kitchen, to my great delight I saw the biggest German Pancake I had ever seen. The steam danced in air creating shape and images I could never had imagined on my own. As soon as everyone had emerged from their rooms we ate the greatest meal of all time.

Once breakfast was over I heard a strident knock at the front door and looked at it quizzically. Since I was the only one who weaseled my way out of cleaning up, I stalked over to the door. With a great effort I yanked the door open to reveal a familiar face. Apparently to my surprise, my neighbor needed to restore life back into his tangy orange car and was hoping my dad would lend him a hand. Little did I know that because of that I would end up outside where the most painful thing would occur to non-other than me.

           My dad agreed to help, and he ambled out through the door. I took this as a chance to go outside with my sister to go exploring. Right outside our house we have creek and a small hill which we always climbed. It was up to my sister where we would go because I would follow her like a baby duckling following its mother. We were inseparable and where one would go the other would follow. The other being me. Without much complain my sister decided to go to the creek at the top of the hill and we raced to the destination. I would claim that I had won but Teagan would never admit defeat to me and always came up with a dire excuse.

           Not wanting to listen to her appalling explanation I went to the free-flowing water where small leaves were bumping into each other and stumbling down the lazy water. All I could do was smile at the tiny leaves and feel like joining them in the water when all of a sudden everything went into a chilling black and I could only see the darkness around me. My head was throbbing uncontrollably and nothing I did brought back the warm honey yellow light. I heard my sister screaming and felt her arms around me. Slowly my vision crept back and without me knowing it I was holding my head with my shaking hands. Not even caring about what my sister was saying I jumped to my stickly legs and raced to our drive way where my dad stood. I came up to my dad crying tears of water crystals and finding it hard for words. In my panic state I couldn’t speak so I took my hand off my head and I stared at how they were covered in a poisonous, vile, loathsome red liquid. Fear washed over my dad’s face and he rushed me inside the silent house. It wasn’t long before my mother joined the party and took it up herself to treat my pounding head. I would like to say I never did that again, but I would be lying. This particular head injury was caused by the root of a tree, a stumble, and a large rock finding and landing on a unexpecting 5-year-old’s head.

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