My First "Something": 4 poems

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

My First "Something": 4 poems

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

This is my first ever post. (Is that what you call these?) I just took about 20-30 minutes and just wrote some poems. Here are the 4 I wrote. Enjoy! P.S: There was really no genre that best fit these poems. So I just choose the one that wouldn't be too misleading, but these are not some boring poems about history and stuff. :)

Chapter 1

I Fly

Look at me

Soaring above all

I’m flying

Above all those worries

Above all those fears

Above all

I feel

The air in my face

The wind behind me

All the haters hating themselves

For judging such beauty

This beauty won’t be here forever

I’m Cinderella for a couple minutes

But my magic will wear off soon

I must go back down

Face my fears

My worries

The haters

But this time is different

This time I’m stronger



So beat me down until broke

‘Cause I have everything I need

To fix me again

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