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My First D&D Session

By @Superwholock

My Narrative

I started reading Ready Player One in third grade. You’ve probably heard of it. I quickly became obsessed with the book and, unsurprisingly, the idea of Dungeons & Dragons, a fantastical game where you can be anyone you want, anytime you want, and anywhere you want. The very idea is magical, as is playing it. I began asking anyone I knew if they knew people who played it. It being Richardson, and me being eight, I did not have much luck at first. However, one of my friends’ dads ran a company that ran Dungeons and Dragons sessions on the weekends. By telling me this, he fueled my passion. My mother was willing to pay for the first couple of sessions, but after that, I would have to either pay for it myself or scrub the showers on weekends to make up. Little did I know, however, that my mother held my work up to a very high standard. 

 Fast forward to a couple weeks later, and we were driving to the first session. I climbed out of our minivan, Members Only jacket on and a very high, very tight blond ponytail swishing behind me. Not at all what you think of when you think of nerds, is it? Yet, here we are. A man who introduced himself as Mr. Adam welcomed me in. Walking down long hallways, we eventually found ourselves in a large room filled with bean bags. This was the room for their tutoring sessions and camps. A small room, with just enough room for tables and chairs, would be the site of the game. I was attending the Star Wars D&D sessions on Saturdays from 3-6, and then there were also regular sessions on Sundays. About eight other people were sitting around the table, a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors. We sat down and waited for the others to come, then we began. The DM introduced himself as Mr. Whitney, and gave me a character sheet. I wouldn’t create my first character, named Fubbo (an Ewok), until next session. We raided a Seperatist base, did battles, heroics, trading, and everything under the sun in three hours. If I hadn’t gone to this session, would I have fallen in love with D&D? Would I have started to listen to tabletop podcasts during the Coronavirus when I couldn’t play with other experienced players? Would, through those podcasts, I have discovered Doctor Who and all of these other amazing TV shows? Before that, the only TV shows and movies I was into were Marvel and Sherlock. Now, however, my love has expanded to so many more shows. Would I have taught my friends to play D&D when I was bored during lunch break one day? Would I have started the D&D club and had 37 people show up? Probably not. 

People ask me how long it takes me to fall in love with someone, and I say,” A session.” Of course, they look at me like I’m insane, but they do that anyway. My mom came to pick me up at about six thirty, and I was almost euphoric. “How was it?”, she asked. “Amazing.” And here I am, four years later. That one little decision and that one little book changed my life for the better. If that hadn’t happened, I wonder where I would be now. 

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