My Explosion Boyfriend (MHA fanfiction)

By @braceface20
My Explosion Boyfriend (MHA fanfiction)

A quirk also known as a meta ability is a special superhuman ability that a person can have. Depending on how one chooses to use their quirks, some will use their quirk to become a pro-hero while others will use it for evil and turn to the life of crime. A person’s quirk will normally manifest around the age of four years but it is possible for a child to be born with their quirks already manifest.

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Chapter 1

Childhood days

Tamura Mana once lived a happy life with her mama and papa. Once quirks started to manifest, that’s when her happy childhood turned into her worst nightmare. Way before quirk was a thing, Tamura was a happy gal and she was loved by everyone in grade school all the way to secondary school. She made outstanding grades in school, had many friends and teachers loved her. Now that quirks are a thing, childhood friends gone learning new things turn into her grades slipping. Tamura’s family were always on the run, she always wonder why mama and papa on the run 24/7. One thing that Tamura remember her parents telling her over and over again Don’t use your quirks, there are powerful people out there that want their hand on your quirks. There’s a place where you should be able to feel safe enough to use your quirks. (Powerful people? Did they mean villians? and what is this place they told me?) Night roll in, mama and papa were sleep in their bedroom and little Tamura is sleeping in hers. A horrid scream echoed throughout the house, causing little Tamura to be awaken.

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