My Drama filled life <3

By @avni1210
My Drama filled life <3

Kristen reed has two lives. One is the day life in which she wants nothing to do with people ,she just wants to finish her high school. She is a perfect nerd with awesome grades. Second is the exciting night life, the total opposite of the day life in which she is a super badass street fighter who loves cool bikes. She has never lost a match and is the queen of the ring . Everything goes well until a mysterious guy shows up and defeats her. Now her aim is to defeat him for once and for all and

Chapter 1


The sound of my footsteps and my heavy breathing thats all I can hear.

The stomping of feet behind me had died a long time ago. Suddenly a huge brick wall stops me and thats when I realise where I was…

A dark ,cold alley. Alone. Lost

“You sure know how to run, but thats all you can do. Just run” a menancing voice says to me along some chuckling behind him. He was not alone. He had company, maybe 5 or six people altogether.

I had no way out I was completely cornered. I’m not panicking.

Okay maybe I am. A lot.

“Scared huh.. serves you right for putting me in jail.” He says with eyes like ***** and ripping me apart just by looking.

He signals his friends or gangmembers I would like to say.

He waves his hand and two guys come and hold me from behind, completely locking me in place.

“This is what I wanted, sweet revenge. I’ll make you pay for what you did to me. How it feels like to be humiliated and thrown in jail and left alone to count the bars.” He says laughing dryly.

I was sure he was going to slap me hard but I was wrong he kicked me instead ,in my stomach. I found my self gasping for air and tears were threatening to spill.

After a few more kicks to my ribs and a few hard slaps they released me.

I slumped to the ground and it seemed as if they were discussing something. I was already on the verge of passing out when one of them started to drag me out of the alley.

I think I just saw a familiar mop of blonde hair when we were heading out of the alley when there was a dim street light flickering.

The cruel man was dragging me out by my hair to a black van , I wanted to scream but I couldn’t find my voice.

Suddenly someone came and I could see punches and kicks flying around but nothing was clear. I was fainting.

I could only sense someone shaking me vigorously and my eyes flew open.

And I saw the sky,the stars and the whole galaxy on my ceiling. I was safe. I was in my room.

“Come on honey bear wake up. You will be late for school again. ” my brother was shaking me.

“Shut up Dax . I am up, stop screaming”. I said rubbing my eyes.

“were you having a bad dream?. It looked like it” Dax said with a concerned voice, he sat next to me eager for a reply.

“No no of course not I…. I was in candy land. You know the usual with Hersheys and Swedish fish.” I lied.

“If u say so honey bear. OK come on…get dressed and come down for breakfast” he said chuckling and going towards the door.

Dax as in Daxton reed was a wonderful brother. He was older than be by one year. Today was his day to make breakfast. We did it alternative days. Dax is always in a cheerful mood and I know girls liked him a lot. He is tall with a nicely built body and awesome abs and had dark brown hair with honey brown eyes. Just like me. I never see Dax working out or something but he is always fit.

I go into the bathroom take a nice cold shower to feel refreshed and I used my favorite shampoo which smelt like chocolate strawberries. After 10 minites I come out , dry myself completely. I wear a nice loose blue top with black jeans and brown boots and I tie my hair in a nice high ponytail.

I got distracted and started checking my social medias and I didn’t realize that now I was late. Like really late.

“Kristen reeds come down right now or you won’t have any breakfast today”. I hear Dax shout with a tone of annoyance. I looked at myself in the mirror just a last final check and I was ready to go.

” Honey bear I swear I won’t call you Honey bear ever again.” Dax shouted.

“Coming” I yell back.


A\N- Hi guys I hoped you liked the chapter…

Who do you think that familiar blonde guy is??

Watch out for the next update to know how the story unfolds.

Until then b-byeee,


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