My Dog

By @isaacwharmon

My Dog

By @isaacwharmon

Sarah's dog has cancer. How can she live with this!

Chapter 1

One night, I was at home watching Parks and Rec. Parks and Rec is a great show- maybe the best of all shows. It is about a Parks and Rec office in Illinois. It is funny. At the end of one of the episodes, I heard a scratching at the door. I went over to the door and opened it. There was a dog sitting on my porch.

The dog was small, white poodle. He was about foot short. I picked him up and looked for a tag. I found one. Yippee! I read the tag. I read it, but it made no sense. It said: “If you find this cat, please call this number immediately.” I was confused because I was holding a dog, not a cat. I called the number anyways.

As soon as the phone rang, all the lights in my house suddenly turned off. The power was out. The phone kept ringing, but no one picked up. It kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing, until finally it went to voicemail. Then the power came back on. Pretty weird. I went back to watching Parks and Rec, but the doorbell rang. I paused the show and got up, then opened the door. A hooded figure dressed completely in black stood there. The dog started to bark at the guy. Before I could say anything, though, he raised up a baseball bat in his hands and hit me over the head. Everything went black as I fell down to the ground.

I woke up on the floor of a van. It was probably white, because those are the color of vans that kidnappers and clowns drive. I had a major headache. I tried to sit up, but my hand and feet were tied with rope so it took a while. My mouth was gagged with duct tape as well so I couldn’t talk or yell out. I was all alone in the back of the van, but I heard two men talking in the passenger and driver seat. There was a barrier between us, so I couldn’t understand them. The van went over a bump and I fell back down, hitting my head. I went back to sleep.

The van door opened and sunlight flooded into the van. I woke up, startled. I still had a headache. The guy who hit me with the baseball bat was there, along with his friend who looked like his twin. He was holding the dog. They started yelling at me to get out of the van. I couldn’t though, because I was still gagged and tied up. So one of the guys pulled me out of the van and onto the ground.

The van was pulled over on the side of a dirt road in what looked like the middle of nowhere. There was a little house a few feet from the road. It looked very old; it was sagging and its paint was chipping. One of the men pulled my up and had me hop over to the house. Once inside, the men led me over to a staircase going to downstairs to a basement. Then they shoved me down the stairs. It hurt a lot.

I woke up again and my headache was finally gone. I was still tied up though- this time to a pole. I looked around. The basement was dark, but I could still see. There was a crunching sound coming from behind me. I froze, but the sound kept coming, so I slowly turned around. It was the dog. He was eating something. I strained my eyes to see what it was in the dim light…

It was the two men who had kidnapped me! The dog was eating them. I watched horrified. In less than twenty minutes, both men were completely consumed. After the dog finished, it turned around and faced me. Its face was dripping with blood, and its eyes were red. I held my breath, not daring to make a move. The dog growled and crouched down. I screamed as the dog sprung up at my neck.

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