My Days Moving

By @Azraellegend

My Days Moving

By @Azraellegend

my story is about how I had to move a lot

Chapter 1

My days moving

When my dad was in the Air Force we would have to move a lot we mostly stayed at one place for about three years and then move. It was always hard because when I really got in with a school and had a lot of friends and everything was going good we would have to move.It is sad because I only have a few friend from each place we lived in and I have a only a few I have called.

But some answer back and I know these guys but I guess they don’t remember me but it is what it is sad to think about sometimes because you think you know these people there your friend at one point and then be a nobody at the next. And every time I move it is like I know these people will forget me.I went through this every time. I know people like me go through this every time and they can relate.

to what am saying and the said part is that am moving again to the state of Colorado sad but am also happy because I get to see new things meet new people but this means I have to leave my friends and my family and I think I have got used to this place and am going to miss this place but the good news is am not going to leave just yet because I got a few more years to stay and that is a good thing but am not ready to leave just yet,because there is still things I want to go do and places I want to go see and it has been fun so far am just want to do more before I leave.All the place I have lived or gone to or visited Colorado,Guam,California,Hawaii,Oklahoma,Kansas,and now Texas I met some really cool people and famous people as well like some people from the walking dead and etc. this is my paper.

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