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My day

By @winstonsun850

I woke up 7:30-ish am and watered all my plants looking at the beautiful sky scattered with white cloud singing softly to myself some Tate McRae

I then pet my dog with her wagging tail walking around me and smiling as I pet her

I then go finish my History and French homework

I still have science and English but they are due later

me and my parents then go Apple picking on this beautiful day of course with masks on. I’m wearing a blue mask with grey spirals you could call them plopped around the mask

I get piñata apples, sweet and great for apple sauce a thing my family loves when I make, we try finding empire apples but they all rotted and were way to high to grab but it was a blast trying to poke them off the tree laughing as we found out they were eaten already so we go get some jonagolds a good apple just for snacking and we find so many beautiful ones, we end up with 3 full bags full of apples easily 60 pounds and we walked to a local Korean market and got boba from our usual place where the lady knows me from going there all the time. She’s seen me for 5 years and since last year has been giving me sweet treats and today gave me 2!!!!! So amazing because she doesn’t have to do that! Then as I arrive back home I go and check if my Etsy order has arrived and YAY THEY DID and they were so tiny and adorable btw they were succulents!!!! The lady was so nice so I left a 5 star review! I ate and watched some Quantico one of my favorite Netflix shows right now and I loved it then I had my tutor and had an AMAZING session!!! I went on an entire rant about books and how certain books only get awards because of certain things and we went over my English homework and I only had to do 2 corrections!!!! And we stayed a whole 6 minutes longer because we were finishing some grammar problems and it was amazing!!!!! This is by far one of my favorite days! Oh by the way the name of the succulent place is called Succulent Studios and she is such an amazing person I would like to add and she was so nice!

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