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My Day/How To Improve Your Writing

By @quiet_writer

Chapter 1

I stared out the window this morning and it was very windy. The trees were blowing left and right, unable to maintain its upright position. Soft leaves and petals were blowing in from the neighbour’s garden. As the sky hung over our heads in its normal grey presence, my father woke us all up. Us meaning my sisters and I. I stayed in bed, going through the dream I had, wondering how magnificent our minds worked. Memories piled up in my mind like an old storage unit and they were let out at night through my dreams.

Once I had finally decided to get out of bed, I changed my night clothes into a khaki green hoodie dress with black leggings. My hair was left out during the night so it looked like I had been outside in the wind, allowing the frizz and knots to build up. I scratched my head and headed downstairs. As I was fasting, I was unable to brush my teeth or have breakfast so I continued my day. Even though the wind was still outside, looming over us as if we had done something wrong, my parents decided to get some shopping as the glorious eid day was ahead of us. With a smile on my face, I decided to switch on the family laptop and watch a TV show. Despite spending hours previously watching, I couldn’t get enough of it! My eyes were glued to the screen, as if they were conjoined twins.

Once my parents were back from their dreaded trip to the supermarket, I helped unpack the items bought which were packed only a few minutes prior. I thought to myself how it was a miracle that the items were still in one piece. How did the bread not get squished despite it being baked 100s of miles away from my home? How did the oil imported from another country not spill in the vehicle?

After unpacking, I watched some TV to relax in case Eid was the next day as we would start cooking the second we found out whether we were celebrating the next day or not. If not, then our mood would match the grey skies outside as it would mean another day of no food, another day without seeing my family members and, more importantly, no gifts to be exchanged the next day. Despite Eid being different this year, we made an oath to ourselves that we would still make it special, even though we were in lockdown.

After getting bored, and hungry, I headed upstairs to be alone for a while and to write. Writing was my passion. It was something I was half good at. And I was addicted! Even when I had nothing to write about and was struggling to wrack my brain to find something, it always came to me one way or another. And this time I wrote about my day. Most people write about their day in one or two sentences but my mind was buzzing with words that had to come out somehow and they came out through the power of my fingertips. I did not stop writing for 30 minutes despite my hands starting to ache.

Once my senses came back after writing, my sister shouted “Why is it so windy outside?” and I thought wow, her sentence could sound more interesting and make her sound more sophisticated. But she was not as interested as I was in writing. Instead she loved to play games on the computer. What a waste of time? But I couldn’t say it to her as I watched Netflix and you tube most of the time which she would consider wasting time. Despite my day not sounding interesting at all in one sentence, I managed to make my day sound like the best one ever.

Although most of my family thinks writing is somehow wrong, I don’t stop writing and neither should you as you can give any sentence some life by really thinking about how you feel. That’s what most sentences are lacking in; emotion. By adding emotion, we can express our feeling and make someone feel all sorts of things e.g. when writing a romance novel, by just writing 2 people meant for each other fell in love, you can show their feelings and emotions my telling the reader how they feel in their surroundings and what their fears are. 

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