My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

Desiree Davalos, ordinary girl. At least she thought she was. An event that changes her life style and uncover secrets of her parents pasts. What beast will be unleashed?

Chapter 4

My messed up family

The man who had been talking earlier, Jorge as Ramon told me in my mind somehow stood up, “How dare you, you are not welcome here” he sneered.

           My cousin Lola kept on glaring at him until finally she said, “ME? How dare you?” she kept on glaring at him like if that alone could tear him to pieces. Out of nowhere I feel my mom squeeze my shoulder. I turn to see her and everyone else standing around in some sort of protection circle? They all seemed to be guarding me. But guarding me of what? I don’t know. They were all just staring at each other with anger, not speaking to each other. The silence was killing me.

           “What’s going on?” I asked. Lola turned to look at me. “What’s going on cousin is that you’re a werewolf now and they didn’t think to tell us. They wanted to claim you all for themselves.” I turned to look at my cousin Ramon who was starting to look nervous. “Claim me?” I asked looking between both Lola and Ramon. “What do you mean claim?” everyone was quite again. They kept looking at each other than at me as if they were deciding the proper way to explain things to me. My mom stepped in front of me and put her hand on my shoulder, “Baby, you obviously know now that you’re a werewolf and as I’m sure Ramon told you, you got your genes from me and your dad.” I looked at her confused, “Wait. Does that mean you’re a werewolf too?” She looked at me with the sweetest smile ever, “No honey, I’m not a werewolf. Not like you.”

           “What do you mean?” I asked. She kept on looking at me with those kind eyes, “Look that’s no important right now. What’s important is that because you got your gene from both me and your father, you’re connected to two different packs.” She said as she looked between Lola and Ramon. Lola stepped closer looking at me for a while until she finally said, “Like your mom said because you got your gene from both sides you’re connected to both packs. But as she failed to mention, you get to choose which pack you belong to either their pack; the bellator fortis, or our pack the omnes potentes.” I looked really confused now, what the hell was a bellator fortis, and imperium.

           “It’s Latin” Ramon said finally speaking up. “Bellator fortis meaning brave warriors and omnes potentes meaning all powerful.” “Why is it in Latin?” I asked. Ramon just smiled, “Even I don’t know Desiree.”

           “That’s not important.” Lola growled. Jorge stepped closer to her, “Fine, I admit we should have consulted you first, but her transition took us all by surprise. You know as well as the rest of us that we’ve prayed this never happened. Ever since she was born we’ve all kept a close eye on her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t carry just any werewolf gene.” Lola began to grow a little pale. “You don’t mean to say that she has the gene, not just any other gene.” Jorge suddenly grew interested in his shoes, “Yes she has the gene.”

           “What do you mean ‘the gene’?” I asked. Once again, my mom turned to me giving the same smile she was giving me before, “There are more than one type of werewolf genes. There’s the one Ramon has which is the same one you have and then there are others. Those are slightly different. But, no need to go into any of that right now.” She said glaring at Lola and Jorge.

           “Look,” Lola began to say, “the point is you guys had no right to try to make her a part of your pack without first consulting us.”

           Now Jorge looked real offended, he looked as if he were about to say something but then changed his mind.

           “Look,” my aunt Elena who I forgot was here began to say, “you all know that we’ve dreaded this day as much as we hoped for it to happen. Since the day we found out that Nora was pregnant with Desiree,” she said looking at my mom, “we were all relieved as much as we were disgusted.” Disgusted? Wow it’s nice to finally know how my family really feels about me. “For her to be pregnant with that scoundrel drove us all crazy. And as much as we hated the idea of them having a child together it brought us all some sense of peace. Peace to know that our packs would hopefully be united one day. It may have not been the way we all thought it would be, but we can’t control everything that happens.” Everyone was looking at my aunt Elena waiting for her to continue, and she did. “We all know how dangerous Desiree can be if she is not taught properly. And we also know that you didn’t just come here out of the kindness of your heart to check up on her.” So, apparently now I’m dangerous? This is not how I had my day planned out this morning when I got out of bed.          

           “Oh, please you’re one to talk!” Lola sneered. “Excuse me!” my mother began to say, “She is my daughter we don’t have the same intentions you have. We simply want to protect her and teach her. You guys on the other hand,” she said glaring at them, “you have ulterior motives for wanting her in ‘your pack’”. I could see Lola’s eyes turning red, the same red that Ramon’s were. And once again I was the only one to seem to be freaked out. From the corner of my eye I saw Ramon clenching his fists. He seemed ready to fight if he needed. Suddenly I did what no one including myself expected. I spoke up.         

           “Enough!” I said. Everyone looked at me with fear in their eyes. They looked nervous and afraid, and I had no idea why. Then I saw why. My fingers were growing claws and my arms were getting hairy, I mean really hairy. “Desiree calm down. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.” I turned around to look at Ramon whose voice I had just heard but his lips weren’t moving. He just nodded at me and I understood. He was talking to me telepathically again. I did as he said in through the nose out through the mouth.

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