My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

Desiree Davalos, ordinary girl. At least she thought she was. An event that changes her life style and uncover secrets of her parents pasts. What beast will be unleashed?

Chapter 3

The counsel/elders?

As the door opened my mom squeezed my shoulder she must have known I was feeling nervous. Inside was even more beautiful than the hallway. It was a big room, it looked like a court room. Were the judge would usually sit were at least twenty beautiful bright red chairs. They were big chairs full of people except for one of them. And then all around us were smaller chairs filled with most of my older family members and a lot of other people I didn’t recognize. As I walked in all eyes were on me. Ramon and my mom walked past me and bowed. The people that were on the big chairs nodded and Ramon took the empty chair with them. My mom sat down next to my aunt Elena who couldn’t take her eyes of off me. Was she mad at me for something? She looked mad but also sad, like if she was worried about me? I didn’t know. I just stood there not knowing what to do I looked kind of stupid there but what else was I supposed to do? I mean my cousin just told me that I’m a werewolf which by the way I don’t think I believe. What kind of ******** prank were they pulling on me? My head was spinning should I believe him or not, I mean this is crazy, right?

           “Step forward Desiree.” Said one of the ladies on the big chairs, she looked fairly old. I wanted to procrastinate but I couldn’t I just stepped forward as she told me to.

           “I expect Ramon told you about your little situation?” a man who looked slightly younger than the lady asked. “Situation?” I almost yelled. “Yeah he feed me a lot of ******** about being a werewolf if that’s what you’re referring to.” Everyone looked shocked by my response. I could feel my mom glaring at me then at Ramon when she noticed the smile that began to develop on his face.

           The man cleared his throat, “I see you don’t believe us, but don’t worry we wolves are a stubborn bunch. None of us believed either until we saw it happen,” he glanced at Ramon, “Ramon if you’d please” “Of course” he said. He extended his hand and his fingers began to grow claws, his arm was getting really hairy, and his eyes. His eyes were turning red blood red. I began to get really uncomfortable. I was the only one who seemed to be freaked out by this. Everyone was acting like this was a normal thing.

           “Do you believe us now?” said the man. I nodded unable to speak. “We are the counsel, elders. Most just call us the counsel of elders but it means the same thing. We consist of nineteen of the oldest werewolves. And the alpha of course.” He said looking at Ramon. What the hell is going on here. Does this mean I’m going to turn into some animal every full moon? And what the hell is a counsel of elders? Ramon just smiled at me, “At first yes.” He said. “What?” I asked. “You wanted to know if you’d into this every full moon. The answer is at first yes. Eventually you’ll learn to control it and you’ll be able turn whenever you want or not turn.” He said with a shrug.

           “Yes, of course” said the same man. “But we’ll get into that later. First, we need you to accept Ramon as your alpha so that you could be a part of our pack” I was about to nod when the doors burst open. Surprisingly everyone jumped a little. I saw one of my cousins from my dad’s side, Lola. She was angry, and she wasn’t alone.   

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