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My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

I woke up in a dungeon! I think

After that I completely blacked out. I remember waking up in some sort of dungeon.

           “Where am I?” I said. “You’re in a dungeon. Isn’t it obvious Desiree?” out of the dark my cousin Ramon began to appear. “What the hell Ramon. What kind of sick game are you playing? Locking me in a dungeon that’s real funny.”

           “You don’t remember anything, typical. Most of us don’t remember our first transition” he said. “First transition? What are you talking about?”

           “Wow it’s never easy to explain this, especially to you.” He looked nervous I could see him lacing his hands together.

           “Why do you look so nervous Ramon? Are you scared of me or something?”

           He wouldn’t meet my eyes, he just kept looking down.

           “We all feared this you know” he said, “we all hoped the gene would skip you. But considering the gene comes from both your mother and father we doubted it would skip you”

           “What would skip me? What gene? What are you talking about?”

He met my eyes, “The werewolf gene Desiree”

           I looked at him in disbelief, “You’re kidding right? Stop playing games with me and tell me what’s going on! Where’s my mom?”

           “Your mom is dealing with official matters elsewhere. As for the werewolf gene, I’m not kidding I’m being dead serious.”

           I couldn’t believe him lying to me, how dare he? What kind of sick joke is he trying to pull? I wanted to punch him in the face.

           “You can try Desiree, but your hand isn’t small enough to fit through the bars”

“What?” I looked at him confused. He sighed “I can hear your thoughts Desiree, I know exactly what you’re thinking. And no, you can’t punch me in the face no matter how hard you try.” How the hell did he know what I was thinking? Was I still unconscious?

           “No Desiree you’re not still unconscious,” he said, “and I can her your thoughts because I’m a werewolf like you.” I looked at him with disbelief, “You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re just trying to mess with me?” he gave out a huge sigh and looked kind of annoyed. “No Desiree I’m not kidding I am a werewolf, and most importantly, I’m your alpha. We’ll if you’ll accept me that is.” Ok now I was tripping out he was a werewolf? And he was my alpha but only if I accepted him? “What do you mean if I accept you?” I asked.

           “Like I said Desiree, you get the gene from both sides of you family. Mom and dad. And it’s obviously no secret now, they’ll find out soon enough and want to claim you for their pack.” He looked mad just thinking about that, and I couldn’t understand why.

           “Ok suppose I believe you,” I said, “why would my dad’s side want to ‘claim me’? I barely even know them?” “Look,” he said, “I know I told you that I’m an alpha, but I don’t think I have the clearance to tell you that yet, especially since you still don’t believe me” he said with a shrug.

           I was about to open my mouth to speak again when I saw my mom walking in through this door I hadn’t noticed before.

           She glared at Ramon and said, “Really Ramon did you have to lock her up?”

           He glanced at her then looked back at me, “It’s protocol tia, can’t risk it you know that”

“Right” she said looking at me with worry, “I know” then she turned back to him, “The counsel is ready for her. If you’d please?” she said looking at my cell.

           “With pleasure” he said. As he unlocked my cell and walked me out of the horrible place he didn’t say a word, neither one of them did for that matter. I didn’t recognize were I was. I’d never been here before. It was a long hallway with beautiful paintings of wolves all over them. And also, paintings of people. I only recognized one, my uncle Ramon. He was Ramon’s dad, he died a couple of years ago. I had no idea why his picture was here. As we kept walking I kept admiring the art they had here. Then, we reached some beautiful double doors and for some reason my heart started pounding. Whatever this was I sure didn’t feel ready for it.

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