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My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

How it all began

I could feel my heart pounding. Getting louder each minute, it doesn’t help that all the other students are walking around me being ever so loud. They must be staring at me and saying, “look at this weirdo, what is she doing pressed against her locker?”. Well I’ll tell you what I’m doing, I’m resisting the urge to bite your head off right now. Please excuse my attitude it’s just when I want to bite some one’s head off, I want to bite some one’s head off. Before I forget you’re going to need some background on what’s going one before I continue. My name is Desiree by the way, Desiree Davalos

           It all happened last week. We were at my aunt’s house her name is Elena, I don’t even remember what we were celebrating. We go to her house all the time to have cookouts so it’s hard to remember why we were there. A couple of my other aunts were there too and my cousins. I was in my cousin Jonathan’s room with Daniella and him and we were just hanging out. My cousin Jonathan is a year older than we are and always plays rough with us. He’ll just punch us and tackle us just because. We were in his room talking when all of a sudden, he starts choking me. I was losing consciousness. I remember hearing Daniella’s voice very faintly saying, “Stop it John she’s going to pass out.” I could hear him laughing saying, “She’s turning purple”.

           My body started to heat up, I could feel my body burning up. My heart was pounding so loud it felt like my ears were going to pop. Next thing I know my cousin Daniella was screaming. I turn around and see it’s actually Jonathan. Who would’ve known he screamed like a little girl. But when I looked at them they looked red everything around me looked red. The rest of my family remembers started pouring in. They were all frightened and were yelling. I wanted to bite their heads off. They could see it in my eyes and began to run out of the room. I couldn’t help but chase them. I picked my target, Jonathan. I wanted to see his head off his body I wanted to bite it off. I was so close to catching him when, I saw one of my older cousins Ramon stand in front of me. He looked me in the eyes and connected with me telepathically. He told me to stand down and I couldn’t help but obey him.

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