My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

Based on my actual true life. The narrator explains how they came to fall in love with their best friend Ricky.

Chapter 8

Never Told You

I still haven’t told Ricky how I feel.

I’m scared again.

I’m scared to ruin our friendship.

I can’t loose another best friend.

I just can’t.

It would be too much for me.

I want him to come to me.

Like he did freshman year.

I want him to come and say he likes me.

Then I’ll confess my feelings.

Or maybe someday I’ll gather the courage and tell Ricky.

But not today.

Not yet.

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  1. Merl1nMagnuss3n

    You should! Trust me, it’s better to know.
    Nice story btw ^^

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