My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

Based on my actual true life. The narrator explains how they came to fall in love with their best friend Ricky.

Chapter 3

One Call Away

Sixth and seventh grade things started to change between Ricky and I.

In sixth grade, my bestie Lila started to grow tired of me.

We had been growing apart anyways.

But it still hurt when I finally realized it was happening.

I started to play one of Ricky’s favorite video games.

That got us talking to each other again.

The next school year, Lila had moved out of the state.

Now I was crushed.

Ricky and I had to wait for the bus one day.

We got talking again.

About video games, complaining about school, normal tween stuff.

But we made it a habit.

We did it everyday.

And I always looked forward to it.

Ricky had filled in the hole Lila had left.

Ricky became my best friend.

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