My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

Based on my actual true life. The narrator explains how they came to fall in love with their best friend Ricky.

Chapter 2

Time After Time

The years went past.

We still had that friendship, it just wasn’t as strong now.

Ricky had his friends.

I had my tiny circle.

Though, I must admit, my circle got smaller as the years went by.

The girls in my class didn’t really like my personality very much.

It was a small school to, so you can guess how that went.

Fifth grade, we were allowed to join chorus.

I always wanted to.

But, any song I picked seemed to fall out of favor with the others.

It was pretty demoralizing.

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  1. Merl1nMagnuss3n

    I can deeply relate to this.

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