My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

My Best Friend

By @Ekon_Inkdragon_0

Based on my actual true life. The narrator explains how they came to fall in love with their best friend Ricky.

Chapter 1

You had me @ hello

I was maybe eight when we first met.

Me and my best friend Ricky Turner.

I had a few friends by then.

But they were all girls like me.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Lila and Mary were great friends.

In fact, why don’t I just tell you what happened?

So, we were in our classroom.

Lila had a couple friends she’d made during first grade.

One of them was Ricky.

Lila introduced me to Ricky.

Being the age we were, we became immediate friends.

I hoped that we would stay friends for a long time.

Considering Mary moved two weeks into school.

Lila, Ricky and I started to hang out quite a lot.

It was great.

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