My Beautiful World

By @DecemberDaz
My Beautiful World

Every body on earth has a right to live happily. Must you be partial based on physical appearance? You are the reason for you deeds, but you are not the reason for your birth.

Chapter 1

Skin Color in Humans is due to a pigment called Melanin

I am Sef. I am 5 years old. My dad is an environmentalist. Keeps the atmosphere clean and sends warnings about the living conditions. My mother is a law maker. Punishes the evil and saves the victims. I have so many siblings that I get tired to tell all their names… We live near a shore. Its always noisy and bright here.

I really feel lazy to go to school these days. Too much of practical education, oooff… I am exhausted.

I asked my dad for a vacation. But he says, we already live in a tourist place, whats the need to go to another place? I was just thinking, whats so great in here, that people come here to spend their money and time?

I asked my mom, “Can we go somewhere different please? I want to see and explore other places.”

She replied: “Its been a while we had stepped out of this place. Let us plan for an outing soon”. I was elated hearing this. All my brothers and sisters were jumping, bumping and waving.

Finally, on a good sunny day, our family started to go for an outing. This is the first time I am going out of my town. I was continuously watching the surroundings on the way… some big caves, extravagant colors of the sky, many others like us but with different skin colors, shades and different eye sizes. They are beautiful. Some of them are friendly, wishing us amicably, while some are scared to be approached.

This new place is with more sunlight and the surroundings are more colorful. I played a lot with my siblings. we made new friends in the play area. I was amazed to see the different kind of vegetarian foods they are having. we usually eat meat for every meal. That’s what my mom gives us though. I wanted to try this new food and my mom said yes. I was served something in green color. It tastes good and we slept tight after a long day of traveling.

The next morning, I saw some “Humans” coming towards us. I remember my teacher told us several times not to appear before Humans. But my brother told me not to worry because they come here for “Snorkeling” and they wont harm us.

They were passing slowly and looking at all of us us with a long smile in their faces from inside their helmets. They also bought us some tasty food. I licked his finger while taking the bread from his hand just to see how he tastes ????. My brother pulled me back and warned me not do such crazy things.

We came back and I told my grand mother about seeing humans. She told me that Humans will jail us or eat us, depending on our skin color! I don’t know what makes them differentiate us based on our scale and skin color. We do not have any barriers based on our outward appearances though….

Thank God I am a FISH!

My place is a paradise on Earth ????

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