My Anger is Soft

By @LBroil

My Anger is Soft

By @LBroil

A contemplation of the power behind my emotions and their power behind my actions

Chapter 1

My anger is soft

It is deep sighs

ruffling the hair of cherubs in my care

Heavy tears that fall like summer rain

It is quietness

not stony, but like clay


the stuff upon which civilizations are built

My sorrow is fierce

It is wrenching cries

that tear classes from their ivory towers

Marches in the streets lit

by memories of offences new and ancient

It is stillness

deafening, as in the wood,


a flesh statue dedicated to those behind me

Do not touch my children!

Do not presume to know our pain!

Our reality is not for your titillation or relief

Seek no comfort from our story

no complacency from your concern

I feel deeply the pain of strangers

rage for their losses

cry for the injustice they face

I scream a scream to join their agony

but their pain is not our pain!

It is for them I am angry;

for my kin

of blood and interest,

my sorrow.

Beware the grief of legions

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