Muted Songs

By @K_Rhynes
Muted Songs

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." --- Leopold Stokowski Caroline was happy, healthy, and had a loving mom and dad. That is, until three years ago. Now, Caroline has no one and nothing to turn to except for music. The keys, the notes and the melodies are all that give her comfort, along with singing. ...Until she meets Jasper. Jasper is the first one to discover that even though Avery never speaks, she sings.

Chapter 1


This is the only warning you’ll get. So read it.

There are many horrible things in this book including violence, self-hate, thoughts of suicide, self-harm, abuse, mention of drug use, and other pretty bad things.

It’s not as bad as you, the reader, may think, but it may be triggering to some nonetheless.

So I highly recommend that you read with caution. And if you’re not sure or don’t feel comfortable, do not proceed. Only you know your limits.

I love you all and do not wish to trigger you. I only wish to show you that even in horrible situations like those in this book, there is still hope.


K. Rhynes

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