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Multiverse book one: the beginning

By @funnyshack

chapter 4: the donut

and trips onto the road he kept crouching as there were too many flying cars going at speeds of 350 mph he slowly creeps on to the sidewalk as the big metallic skyscrapers tower him he escapes with his life intact he rushes to the donut place barely being able to see the sun because of the pollution. Then he pays for his donut using bitcoin, the 5 dollar donut cherry-filled was sweet raising the prices of a cylinder-shaped treat over the course of a hundred years left the taste of capitalism in his mouth “ didn’t this use to be like a dollar and 50 cents like a century ago” he thought finally eating real food instead of eating the protein food pills everyone was starting to eat was satisfying. He saw a shadow moving unusually behind a car. mark, heard a noise, and all of a sudden he got shot in the neck with a capsule of blue liquid.

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