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Multiverse book one: the beginning

By @funnyshack

Chapter 2: average joe

*200 years later* it’s the year 2103 in uptown manhattan humans have evolved 25 percent of all humans are on mars living in a dome on the surface of the planet, humans have managed to slow doomsday barely by creating new sustainable resources but it didn’t last for long some companies never became eco friendly and with overpopulation, on the rise, the world is on its brink of resources. An average joe in uptown manhattan wakes up this average joe is called mark johnson with a bachelor’s in astronomy and spaceflight operations he is also a space force veteran. Regardless of his bachelor’s degrees, he gave up due to an accident in the force. He stands up and looks at the mirror. “Mirror adjusts clearness” the mirror gave a clear image of a sad man in his boxers. “Shower turn on water at 74 degrees’ ‘ he heads out and goes to his local donut place the streets are filled with trash and as cybernetics replaced jewelry as well as enhanced your senses the drug dealers in the bottom of his building were top to bottom cyborgs. They were smoking and beating up a homeless guy, classic ********* stuff but Mark ignores this he remembers what happened the last time he tried to help someone.

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