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Multiverse book one: the beginning

By @funnyshack

Chapter 1: the entrance

It’s 1903 a young Scottish boy explores the cold desolate beach. The water rushes through the rocks on the shoreline he was wandering across his hometown beach, his parents trying to find him desperately across the little town. Suddenly the lighthouse on the rocky shoreline flashes light at the young little boy it was the son’s parents they desperately ran down the lighthouse to find him and the little kid laughed and giggled he crossed the frozen woods he found a small cave to hide in he saw another hole on the side of the cave. He heard his parents scream “Arran” “Arran” he took the opportunity and went through the hole once he passed he got a tingly feeling but he ignored it on the other side he saw cold dead trees he walked forward he saw flashing lights behind him but he ran till he was on top of a hill he saw a metallic figure hovering in the sky he was shocked because he haven’t seen anything like it before the ship had several pointy edges on the sides. He looked to the right and the left and there were more ships like that one. The sky starts darkening and the dead trees start disappearing into the shadow of something big; it eventually overcomes everything with darkness. Arran looked up and realized it was a ship 50 times larger than the other ones; the mother ship started firing at the woods turning it into mere ash at the force of their lasers. The ship closes the entrance from which he came; he was trapped. The mother ship beamed a flash of light towards him as he got raised towards the mother ship.

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