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Mother Nature

By @firecracker_demon

Three feet of snow covered the entire town. It was the very first snowstorm, and it all happened in under an hour. It was all Mother Nature’s fault too. Her and her stupid emotions. 

“Sorry Nature, I just don’t think it’s working out anymore.” 

“So that’s it? Your breaking up with me?” Mother Nature’s voice was calm, on the inside she could feel her heart breaking. 

Time shrugged. “Yeah, pretty much.” And with that, Father Time walked out of the sky and out of Mother Nature’s life. 

She sat down and shook her head, a disbelieving look on her face. They had dated for well over 50 years with no problems, one would understand her disbelief. 

Mather Nature looked up, her deep blue eyes turned to ice. “My heart is cold and so should you.” 

For the first time in centuries, Mother Nature used her emotions to make the weather happen. She hasn’t done that since her father died. 

So she let the storm rage on, like her mind was. In less than an hour, the town was covered by three feet of snow. Then it slowed, but the snow continued to fall. And it would continue for a long, long time.  

After that, Mather Nature never let her emotions run wild again. Too many people died that night.

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