By @WRavenesque

Chapter 1

Once I walked on moss that was not of this world.My home was not like the wild lands ,that lay beyond the silver lake,in the world of the manuscript.Once..two children accidentally found themselves here,they came from that world.The two of them and me,we have one thing in common..they never could find their way back.Now in these times..I cannot find a way back to my world.My eyes were once light,but now they are dark.Daddy had much darker eyes.The blue pool is guarded.There is more to me..but modesty forbids.I am not ,and never will be, in the quantum book of life.

Just over the bridge there is a willow tree.I do not really know how to think like a human,but do you remember days when not much happened?Do days like that..stay in your mind?Well I went back,and suddenly all became clear.I looked to the right..where a building once stood.That was where my daddy first came into this world.That very spot,just by the Willow tree,that was where I encountered the black eyed kid. I do not think it was a coincidence,in fact, I know it was not.Just before we went our separate ways,she said she was going to see the circus.There was no circus in town at that time.The girl of course was not confined to just that time.The one who entered the confederate museum building that time,all he had to do was touch an item to “see”,its history,and all that entails.They can do that.They can also go from 3 to 0 to 4(homewards) an instant.No direction..picture this in your mind.Life is kind of eventful.

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