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Morning Star( Hocus Pocus short story)

By @Books_and_Secrets

Lighting A Candle

On Halloween night a young witch, trick-or-treating stumbled upon a stone house in the woods. The house was made of stone and wood like ones from the old days. It has a sort of eerie feeling to it.  

She walked up to the wooden door and knocked. The wooden door creaked open and she stepped inside. It looks like a normal house with a few rooms. There were wooden furniture and a cauldron. On the table in the middle was a black candle halfway used. She went over to the candle and lit it using her finger. The flame turned black and the wind started to blow. The door slammed open to reveal three witches. Not beautiful and young but also not ugly and old. They looked somewhere in between. The one on the left had black hair up in a weird hairdo. The one in the middle had red hair put up in two big buns. The one on the right had platinum blonde hair almost white down straight. They were wearing dresses from 1693 or later, they looked like medieval dresses with long skirts and long sleeves.

“ Sisters we are home!” said the red-haired woman. 

“ Who is this young flower?” asked the black haired woman. The three women looked at the young witch in their home.

“ A child who lit the candle, I presume. What shall thy do with her?” said the red woman.

“ Let’s play with her.” said the blond woman with glee. 

“ She has beauty and youth. I have an idea, why don’t we have a tea party with our young guest.” said red.

“ A party, a party!” shouted the blond.

“ What is your name little girl?” asked red.

“ My name is Danica. What are your names?” she asked.

“ I am Winifred and these are my sisters Mary and Sarah. We are the Sanderson sisters.” said the red woman.

“ Please to meet you. I would love a cup of tea. Do you have mint?” She asked.

“ Yes. It will only be a few minutes till it’s done. Go have a seat over there.” said Winifred.

Danica sat in the chair while the Sanderson sisters brewed the potion.

The sisters gathered around the book and cauldron. 

“ Book. Book. Open to the potion.” said Winifred.

“ Bring to a full rolling bubble. Add two drops oil of boil”

They added water and oil to the cauldron. 

“ Mix blood of owl with the herb that’s red. Turn three times, pluck a hair from my head. Add a dash of pox and a dead man’s toe. Green newt saliva. Add a bit of thine own tongue” 

The sisters added the ingredients together in the cauldron, stirring it as they go. The potion turned a green color with smoke on the top. They poured a little in the teapot and took it to the girl. 

“ Here little Danica. Have some tea. It’s my own recipe.” said Winifred.

Danica pours some of the potion into a teacup. She looked at the potion.

“ Thank you. I see it’s mint. My favorite.” she said.

She drank from the cup and drank every last drop.

“ Mmm. It was an interesting taste. You will have to give me the recipe sometime. Now, I really must be going. My father will be furious with me.” said Danica.

“ Why don’t you stay a while? We haven’t been home in a while.” said Winifred.

“ I really must be going. I will come back tomorrow if you would like.” she said.

“ But we have to leave tomorrow. Can’t you stay a little longer?” Winifred asked.

“ Okay. I guess a few minutes can’t hurt but none more.” 

Danica sat on the chair. Mary pulled Winifred to the side away from Danica.

“ Winnie why isn’t the potion working?” asked Mary.

“ I don’t know sister.” 

The sisters sat around the girl. 

“ So Danica, how are you?” asked Winifred.

“ Good. That tea was lovely, I would love to know what the ingredients are. Can I see your cookbook?” she asked.

“ Sure. I’ll go get it.” said Mary.

Mary came back with the spellbook in hand and placed it in front of Danica.

“ This is a wonderful book. Where did you get it?” she inquired.

“ From the Devil himself.” said Mary.

“ Oh. So you did get it from father. I thought you may have stolen it.” 

“ Who is your father?” asked Winifred.

“ Lucifer.” she stated simply.

“ The Devil. Your the Devil’s daughter?” asked Mary shaking.

“ Yep. Father wouldn’t be happy that you tried to take my life but you can’t so all is forgiven. Now, back to tea.” she said gladly.

“ Thank you for forgiving us, my lady.” said Winifred while bowing to the young witch.

“ No harm was done.” she said cheerfully.

“ DANICA! GET BACK HOME NOW!!!” yelled Lucifer.

“ Fine Dad. I’m coming.” She sighed and rolled her eyes. “ Nice talking with you. Bye.” 

Danica sunk into the floor and was gone.

“ Well that was an interesting welcome.” said Winnie.

“ Yes. It sure was sister.” said Mary.

“ We didn’t get to play.” whined Sarah.

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