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Morning Noon Night

By @tesshaiku

Morning Noon Night

Nigh, Morning Noon

Noon Night Morning

Every second of every day

Thinking of you

Morning Wishes

Wishing I wake up and

Look into your eyes

But what does that mean

I’m just a kid

Young and naive

And I don’t know what I want

But I do


Noon meeting

I see you every day

At school

Because we’re forced to be there

By law

But you make it

Completely worth it

Worth the

Sitting through

Seven boring periods of learning

Worth the

Mean girls

Jerky Boys

And weird kids

Nightly Thinking

Countless Nights Spending

Hours Thinking

About how my life is better

With you in it

Thinking you’re laying 

Next to me

Helps me sleep

And as I fall asleep

The cycle continues

Wishing Meeting Thinking

Thinking Wishing Meeting

Meeting thinking Wishing

Morning Noon Night

Night Morning Noon

Noon Night Morning

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