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By @Nocturne

Few times in my life

It’s been a while

Since feeling like this

Of course, not as powerful as a genuine broken heart

But a bit close to it

Like expecting your first love to be pleasant and harmonious

But you get hands sweaty from holding

Lips slobbered by kisses.

I should’ve considered all the outcomes

Now I’ve sunken in the depths of an unpleasant hell

Nagging me every few minutes

The fault was mostly mine

Because of that I can’t let go of this

and certainly not of the band.

I’ve only met them through that natural serenading voice

carrying a true poet’s choice of words,

And the mad sounds the others create

that alone deserve an entire concert,

Both meeting in a dynamic harmony

I’ve come across few times in my life

Just like finding a love.

Maybe we couldn’t get to forego the distant admiration

And go straight for the meeting

The “hand-holding and kissing”


I got neither

And I have to wait.

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