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By @Nocturne

brooding silence

Like rotting memories leaving an age-old poison in my head,

a spoiled old woman bothering her adult son for empty money,

an immortal, former ruler seeking his throne despite his many defeats,

a mentally ill ex-girlfriend finding all of your new addresses.

Like invisible hands choking me,

grabbing and using my shrunken lungs to

caress, awaken more invisible hands.

Like people are only defined by what they say of me,

they’re so right but they’re so wrong,

but they’re actually right:

a call for my end.

Like spending your savings for a disguise that only falls to your feet and reveals you,






The disguise is at my feet now

Everyone’s disgust

triggers a nostalgic smile on my unwilling lips.

It’s a tattoo I didn’t ask for,

An obsessive former lover I let keep the keys to my house,

A tormenting beauty I expose and profit and hurt from,

A means to the same dead-end of the same road in the same dream.

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